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IPL Intense Pulse Light

Safe, permanent hair reduction with the IPL Plasmalite

Imagine never having to take care of your bikini line, under arms, upper lip and chin ever again. Temporary hair reduction methods are now a thing of the past, thanks to the IPL Plasmalite™ technology.

You can forget about using razors and hair removal creams as well as the more painful forms of hair removal such as waxing and electrolysis. Better still, you will no longer suffer from those annoying shaving spots, ingrown hairs or skin irritations. Too good to be true? Not with the Plasmalite™ IPL system. 

The Newest Method of Hair Reduction Method

IPL Plasmalite is a safe and efficient hair reduction system that combines the advantages of a laser and Intense Pulse Light System. The IPL Plasmalite technology is modern and offers successful results for the reduction of unwanted hair growth. Hair can be removed from most skin types and skin colours as well as most hair colours.

The IPL Plasmalite™ Principle

The basic principle of the IPL Plasmalite system is selective absorption. Each hair contains natural pigment known as melanin. The treatment head gives of light energy in the form of short flashes. The melanin absorbs the light right down to the hair follicle. The temperature is over 700C which is the correct temperature for the best results, and it causes the hair follicle to die rendering it unable to produce any new hair.

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Electrolysis Hair Removal (for smaller areas)

  • 15 minutes £15
  • 30 minutes £25
  • 60 minutes £40